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Career Development and Opportunities

The idea of pursuing an undergraduate and postgraduate studies appeals greatly. At KED Institute we would help you to identify the appropriate course of study and assist you throughout your studies. You would have opportunity to successfully develop and balance your career with development of personal and career management skills.

Obtaining a degree and especially a postgraduate qualification will enhance your career prospects and thus position you appropriately to take up the challenges of a rapidly changing world economic order. If you are already in a job, it is our considered opinion at KED Institute that in the short term, obtaining an MBA or an MSc would position you strategically within your organisation. Increasingly, organisations in public sector are under pressure from governments for improved performance at reduced cost. The skills you will learn from an MBA or an MSc will improve your ability to appreciate strategic issues and formulate long-term policies.

In the long term a postgraduate qualification will ensure that you can compete more effectively in national and international organisations. In Ghana and internationally, organisations are increasing premium upon those who possess a deep knowledge of, and associated skills to achieve organisational success in a highly competitive world. Many international companies now see an MBA or MSc as a minimum qualification for managers or executives within their companies.

Whatever your situation, we can help you to develop your potential. We also offer free information and advice on sources of scholarship opportunities and how to apply.

Do not wait any longer! This is your opportunity – why not grab it? Contact us straight away!

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