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It is our pleasure to invite you and /or your staff to attend a certificate course being organized by Karley Executive Development Institute (KED Institute) on ‘Certificate In Forensic Accounting and Investigations’

    Karley Executive Development Institute (KED Institute) is a Learning and Research Centre, providing a full range of facilities, executive seminars, short courses and advisory services. The Institute also provides services to prospective students interested in studying abroad or obtaining internationally recognized qualifications whiles based in Ghana. It also provide research facilities and services for individuals and Organizations in their chosen fields. The Institute is the promotional representative of Edinburgh Business School (EBS), Heriot Watt University in Ghana. The Institute is accredited by the National Accreditation Board (NAB).

    Prior to the latest economic downturn, the Accountancy Profession had already undertaken radical changes as a result of the Enron and WorldCom fiascos, as well as other accounting scandals. With the spotlight on the Accountancy Profession, a new qualification has emerged, “Forensic Accounting and Investigations”. Corporate financial fraud is inevitable feature in businesses today as individual entities are faced with a more diverse range of fraud threats. Fraud has become more predominant and detrimental to organizations worldwide. Most of these fraud risks are difficult to measure and/ or quantify. Most corporate collapse have come as a result of fraudulent financial transactions and fraudulent financial reporting. Forensic Accounting and Investigations course therefore seeks to utilize accounting and investigative techniques in the conduct of specialized tasks that look beyond the numbers and deal with the business reality of the situation.

    There has been increasing demand for Forensic Accounting Services as Corporations try to deal with financial collapses, increased white collar crimes and growing occurrences of occupational fraud. It is however estimated that occupational fraud losses cost businesses over billions annually worldwide. Being an Accountant does not necessarily translate into being an effective Forensic Accountant. Therefore, a new set of knowledge, skills and competence are necessary to be acquired by the Professional Accountant and/ or Auditor. Forensic Accountants have now emerged as partly investigators, partly Auditors, partly solicitors and partly Accountants. This is because they apply an understanding of business information, financial reporting systems, accounting & auditing standards, evidence gathering, investigation techniques as well as litigation procedures to perform their specialized tasks.

    • Evolution of Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examinations
    • Misrepresentations of Financial Transactions and Statements
    • Corporate governance and the Role of Ethics
    • Money Laundering and Transnational Financial Flows
    • Investigation of Fraud in Financial Reporting
    • Computer and Internet Forensics
    • Evidence Gathering & Reporting Legally
    • Duty of the Forensic Accountant in the Court

    Participants are at the end expected to:
    • Develop knowledge and skills in order to identify and detect fraudulent activities
    • Appreciate corporate fraud schemes and misrepresentation of financial reports
    • Define the varying types of fraud including those related to computers and IT
    • Develop internal control systems that are geared towards minimizing or mitigating any potential fraud
    • Exhibit the skill requirements of the Forensic Accountants
    • Demonstrate the advantages and disadvantages of audit software in fraud investigation
    • Generate evidence to support a fraud case in court
    • Choose suitable approaches of detection for different types of fraud, including investigations and interrogations

    The Course is a weekend one that runs on Saturdays only and involves Ten (10) Saturdays. The first of the series of courses has been scheduled to start from 17th September 2016. Each meeting attracts a maximum of 6 hours including break time.


    Accountants, Finance Professionals, Lawyers, Information Security Officers, Business Executives, Internal and External Auditors, Fraud Investigators

    • Must attendance all class meetings
    • Must take the end of the course examination

    Application form may be obtained from Karley Executive Development Institute’s administration by paying GHS 50.00 to any networked branch of GT Bank through Account number: 201107775110

    The fee per participant is One Thousand Two Hundred Ghana Cedis (GHS 1,200.00) and this covers Tuition, Training Materials, Snacks and Certificate. This should be paid to the same account number provided above for the purchase of the application form.

The Pay-in Slip should be submitted to the Administrator for the Applications Forms. All Completed application forms should be submitted to:

The Programme Administrator,
Karley Executive Development Institute,
28 Naa Ogboshie Street, East Legon, Accra

To obtain more information about the course, please contact us on 0303939815 or Alternatively, please visit us at our office located at address stated above or kindly refer to our website for details.
We hope you would be interested in this certificate course, and look forward to your participation.

Yours sincerely,



    Financial Law Reporting Council in conjunction with Karley Executive Development Institute is organizing a certificate course in ‘Practical Law and Finance for Decision Makers’. The institute is the promotional representative of Edinburgh Business School (EBS), Heriot Watt University in Ghana and it is accredited by the National Accreditation Board (NAB).

    Making an informed decision in today’s competitive business environment is critical to every firm’s success. Also, the art of executing complex business transactions is one that require sufficient background in Law, Accounting and Finance to enable a firm maximize its returns whilst minimizing the risk associated with such business dealings. These fundamentals come to play in corporate decision making processes and therefore front line managers must have working knowledge in the subject areas so they are adequately equipped with in-depth technical skills, managerial skills and competences in order to effectively and efficiently undertake this critical responsibility. The course is targeted at reducing potential disputes and litigations usually associated with doing business with external clients.

    At the end of the course, participants are expected to:
    • Acquire knowledge in substantive law subjects that relate to modern day businesses.
    • Acquire requisite knowledge and skills in Accounting and Finance
    • Appreciate how Accounting and Finance decisions create legal risk for an organization
    • Demonstrate the skills and competences required in making sound legal and financial decisions.

      The following areas shall be thoroughly discussed in the course of the program:
      • Interpretation of Financial Statements
      • Management Accounting for Decision Making
      • Corporate Finance, Governance & Ethics
      • Contract Law
      • Commercial Law
      • Tort Law in modern day business
      • Company and Tax revenue law

    The program is a 40-hour course and it is deployed on both weekday and weekend modules. The weekday module runs from Monday to Friday from 8am - 5pm. The weekend module runs on Saturdays only for Six (6) Saturdays from 9am - 4pm. October in-take starts from 9th October, 2017.

    The course shall be facilitated by seasoned Lawyers, Chartered Accountants and high profile business executives across industries.

    This course is highly recommended for front line decision makers in organizations across industries –board of directors, chief executive officers, bank relationship managers, business executives and individuals.

    The fee per participant is One Thousand Two Hundred Ghana Cedis (GH¢1,200). The fee covers Tuition, Training Materials, Meals and Certificate. The course is an examinable one; therefore participants shall be presented with Certificates upon successful completion. In-house training module is available for corporate staffs.

The Programme Administrator,
Karley Executive Development Institute,
28 Naa Ogboshie Street, East Legon, Accra

To obtain more information about the course, please contact us on 0303 939 815; 0550 268 555; 0249 316 717 or Alternatively, please visit us at our office located at address stated above or kindly refer to our website for details.

Executive Certificates in Electronic Banking [ECeB] Programme

  • Introduction:
  • The Karley Executive Development Institute [KED Institute] unique and comprehensive Executive Certificates in Electronic Banking [ECeB], are designed and delivered with you in mind, to enable you surge forward as an effective e-banking professional. As an ECeB graduate, you will return to your organisation or to the job market fully transformed.
    There are two levels of certification geared towards:

    • Professionals in the banking industry [Advanced Certificate]; and
    • School/College graduates seeking jobs in the banking industry [Basic Certificate].

    Among others, the course will prepare you to drive innovation and gain competitive advantage in this rapidly changing industry. The course will enable you to surge forward as an effective personality in the banking sector. You will strengthen your ultimate responsibility and performance and help you drive effective change. The resultant effect is that the programme which is designed and delivered by a recognised and accredited faculty will help you gain a deeper understanding of your role as an executive in the electronic banking business and also gain the confidence to make the decisions needed to succeed, expand your thinking horizon and learn what it takes to become an exceptional e-banking business leader.

  • Programme Objectives:
  • Depending on the level, by submerging yourself in either of these certificate programmes [ECeB], you will:

    • Understand the fundamentals of e-banking
    • Develop awareness of the impact of e-banking on customers and bank operations
    • Obtain the relevant strategic tools to grow your various ebanking portfolios
    • Understand legal, risk management and compliance issues in e-banking business
    • Acquire a better understanding of the e-banking business to place you ahead of competition in the industry
    • Gain a high level of confidence that translates into the provision of effective customer service
    • Establish an invaluable network of peers across industries

  • Summary of Programme Content
    • What is Electronic Banking?
    • Why Electronic Banking?
    • E-Banking Products and Services
    • Card Business Management
    • Marketing E-Banking Products and Services
    • Legal , Risk and Compliance Issues in Electronic Banking

  • Target Audience:
  • By emphasizing common issues facing service providers and particularly digital banking and finance sectors, we welcome participants from a broad range of industries. The ECeB is especially designed and delivered to meet the various needs in ebanking business.

    We appreciate the severe time limitations of today’s corporate employees and executives, thus:

    The programmes are timetabled to run as follows:

    • Advanced Certificate Level: Functional or technical managers responsible for e-banking (directors, supervisors & line managers). At this level, the course duration is six Saturdays, over 6 weeks with a one - week break midway through the programme. During this interlude, participants will be required to complete all assignments for presentation on their return. The break also allows participants the opportunity to attend to pressing private issues at home and at the office. It also gives participants the chance to apply the teachings in their real life corporate environments.

    • Basic Certificate Level: If you aspire to start a career in banking and finance, this course will be extremely useful and will serve as a springboard to gain employment in the banking industry. The objective is for those aspiring to gain fundamental knowledge of e-banking to enable them obtain jobs in the banking sector. This course will run for four consecutive Saturdays, over 4 weeks with no break.

    When fully equipped with the knowledge from this modern and in-depth programme, participants will have a better leverage in the job market. You will be better placed in terms of obtaining employment opportunities in the banking sector. You will also have more options for going into self-employment. This is feasible because more banks are considering the option of outsourcing certain functions in this area of operation.

  • Our teaching approach:
  • The ECeB programme carefully combines a portfolio of experiences into a powerful learning process:

    • Thought provoking lectures to grasp the latest thinking and the most complex concepts in e-banking
    • Interactive case studies based on real-life e-banking business
    • Group Assignments that give participants the benefit of experience and expertise that is very different from their own.
    • Group Presentations that provides participants with the level of confidence needed to communicate within the corporate arena.
    • Classroom discussions to open up new perspectives in e-banking and customer services
    • Practical demonstrations with live terminals. Simulations to test individual skills and knowledge in a highly competitive, yet risk free environment.

    To sum up, we use contemporary teaching tools to provide sound e-banking business fundamentals, models, with local and international case studies, including examples of best practices as well as demonstrations with live terminals.

  • The Admissions process:
    • Online applications: to apply you can use our online form or download an application form from the KED Institute website
    • By Hand: to KED Institute, East Legon, located 200m off the road in front of the AYELE Building [Asanka Local], not far from UPS. Further direction on our website, ‘Find us’.
    • Phone: 0546380004; 0303939815; +44 7900088119
    • Email:

    Please answer all questions thoroughly on the form. The admissions office will consider only fully completed applications. Please keep copies of applications for your records.

    • Deadlines: We request application forms to be submitted at least four (4) weeks before the programme start date. Programmes are often fully subscribed, so early applications are recommended.
    • Notification of acceptance: We acknowledge receipt of all applications and maintain all application information in strict confidentiality.
    • Requirements: Selection process is based on professional achievement and organisational responsibility. Our focus is on professionals with demonstrable talent and individuals with enthusiasm, potential and desire to establish firmly in the banking industry. Proficiency in both written and spoken English is essential.
    • Fees, payments and cancellations: Fees payable (please contact admission team for details) cover programme and certification cost, and tea and lunch breaks. As part of admission notification, we will send you an invoice via e-mail. Payment is due within fifteen (15) days of Invoice date.
    • We accept: Bank cash deposit or transfer into our GT Bank account only. Account Details are as follows: GT Bank, Head Office Brach, Account No. 201/107775/110.
    • All applicants are to submit their applications and payment made five days prior to programme start date. Due to the volume of pre-programme preparation, if you need to cancel or defer, you must submit your request in writing, at least, seven (7) days before the start of the programme. Cancellations seven (7) days prior to programme start date are subject to 50% of programme fee. No refunds for requests received within five (5) days prior to programme start date.
    • KED Institute Discounts: Organisations enrolling two or more staff on any of our training courses are entitled to corporate discounts. Ask admissions team for details.
    • Date(s): On going, during Saturdays from 10:00 to 15:00.

  • Location
  • Karley Executive Development Institute [KED Institute], 28 Naa Ogboshie Street, East Legon Accra, located 200m off the road in front of AYELE Building [Asanka Local], not far from UPS. Further directions on our website, click on ‘Find us’.

Executive Education

KED Institute’s capacity building executive education short courses are led by renowned senior KED Institute affiliates and provide executive officials and business professionals with a targeted and flexible means to advance their career development goals. Our cutting edge leadership training enables organisations to be better poised for future growth.

Our portfolio of capacity building courses reflects KED Institute's core value - delivering excellence and choice! We do this in an environment designed to foster extensive peer-to-peer interaction and a wide range of professional exchanges. Delivering approaches include formal lectures, group discussions, case studies and presentations. You can choose from a week-long or weekend programmes. Our open enrolment, executive capacity building courses are offered in three areas of concentration, which address the business needs and goals of executives worldwide: Strategy and Innovation; Management and Leadership; and Operations and Value Chain Management.

Available Short Courses ( Executive Certificates and Custom Programmes )

We invite you to learn more about the portfolio of our capacity building short courses, Executive Certificates, and Custom Programmes for organisations with options/specializations in the following areas:

  • Strategic Management

  • Hospitality

  • Transport & Distribution Management,

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  • Real Estate Finance & Investment

  • Property Asset Management

  • Project Management

Course benefits:
  • Improve your understanding of the interactions between operations and strategic decisions

  • Develop skills in working with modern tools and learn how to apply them to projects and companies

  • Understand how modern theoretical developments are applied in real-world situations, by means of hands-on applications using real data

  • Interact with a diverse set of professionals, and work in teams to sharpen your problem-solving skills.

These executive courses are suitable for: Executives, Managers and Other Professionals with or without a substantial academic background, who wish to develop their knowledge and capacity for making strategic decisions.

KED Institute Short Executive Certificate Courses (The programme outline)
KED Institute Executive Certificate courses: Karley Executive Development Institute Courses Outline
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