Flexible office, Research, Conference and Other spaces

We provide research office and services, boardroom, and conference spaces as well as a cafeteria facility to our clients with full access to our broadband Wi-Fi facility.


Flexible Offices

We provide flexible offices for businesses an organizations.


Conference Rooms

We provide Spacious Conference facilities for businesses, organizations and the general public.



We also have boardroom available for businesses, organizations and individuals


Research Work

Research Facilities are also available .


Consultancy Work

We also provide consultancy services to all individuals.


training room

Training rooms are available for businesses and organizations as well as the general public

all office and meeting rooms are served by a dedicated support team and include:

  • FREE Internet
  • FREE Flipchart, whiteboard and markers
  • FREE Water

Plus telephone with speakerphone function, catering services available and use of an LCD projector and screen if required.

We also help you to stay cost-effective - book space for as little as an hour.

Book your office, conference or meeting now using the online booking form, or send us an email or talk to our team on

+233 (0) 303939815/6 or 0578191049.

Delivering Excellence and Choice!